Senin, 25 Juli 2011

4 years, eh?

Guy: Ehh I call you back later can? In 5 minutes time.
Girl: Why?
Guy: I need to call my girlfriend. Will call you back soon after that ok?
Girl: What if I say no?
Guy: Please. 5 minutes. I’ll call you back. I need to call my girlfriend.
Girl: And what if I say no?
Guy: Alright. 1 minute ok? I’ll call you back after that.
Girl: And if I still say no?
Guy: Come on I have to. Ok? Bye.
Girl: Hmm. Fine. Bye.
*click* - Guy ended the call.
Few seconds passed.
*riiing* -Girl’s phone rang.
Girl: Hello?
Guy: Hi girlfriend!

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Is that romantic? Aaaaaaa~
No, no. I'm not wondering if i have a boyfriend. Hahaha.
I'm just wondering it will be so romantic if my husband doing like that.
But it still 4 years later from now. Amin >.<

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